Yoga is for rainy days

It’s been a rainy two weeks here in the Bay. Spoiled by sunshine and temperate winters, California doesn’t handle weather gracefully. My colleague was 80 minutes late to work due to flooding. The city’s water levels grew so high the toilets at our studio stopped working. In San Jose, the power went out mid-class (twice). Someone in the parking lot even stopped to lecture me on how this was a sign of the apocalypse. (Oh, California.)

Yet – facing its worst drought in recent history – California needed this incessant rain desperately and much more according to an LA Times article explaining: “Recent rainfall in Northern California improved stream flows, raised some river levels and spurred the growth of small plants and grasses. But overall, it barely made a dent.”

It’s easy to complain about the rain. Its discomfort. Its inconveniences. But this scenario inspired me to consider: How often do we resist something that could save us due to discomfort, inconvenience or fear?

My classes this week will explore rain as a metaphor. Because often, our bleakest times are actually our biggest opportunities for healing and growth. And often, what we resist is actually what we need the most.

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