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Yoga Playlists

RAC Yoga

Honoring their new album and 2017 Outside Lands performance, RAC is this week’s artist spotlight. Get ready to dance!

Little Dragon Yoga

In honor of the Game of Thrones premiere, this week, my artist spotlight was Little Dragon. Dracharys.

East Forest Yoga

Played during an Earth Day themed class. Love East Forest’s earth and nature sounds.

Nochella Yoga

My first multi-artist playlist in a year! For those not going to the festival, njoy an ensemble of Coachella 2017 headliners, including Glass Animals, Bon Iver, Four Tet and Radiohead.

Miles Davis Yoga

Last week’s class was inspired by a Miles Davis quote: “Do not fear mistakes – there are none.”

Owned tracks (not available on Spotify) include:

Thinking Miles Ahead by Nacchi
Blue in Green (Sample Instru) by 2VBeats
Early Minor (Synthesthetics Remix)


Devendra Banhart Yoga

Inspired by his Jan 26 show at the Fillmore, this week’s playlist was a tribute to the handsome Devendra.

Nicola Cruz Yoga

I premiered this playlist on a road trip around the Big Island of Hawaii. The favorable in-car feedback included, “Spicy!” In addition to this energic affirmation from my millennial friend, in the yoga studio, Nicola Cruz had high appeal among an older demographic – the 60-year-old+ folks – who made a point to let me know they loved my music after class. The Savasana song I used is “Sounds of Sonar” by Nicola Cruz, and not on Spotify.

The XX Yoga

My XX yoga playlist was created in honor of the new XX album, I See You, that dropped January 13. Despite the quick assembly time (I had just an hour to pull this together as it premiered in my 1/13 evening class), this was a huge hit in both my public classes and private yoga sessions. The playlist includes many classics from their xx self-titled album and a Four Tet remix of VCR not available on Spotify.

Bonobo yoga

This was an easy yoga playlist to pull together. Bonobo has tons of quality flow music to choose from! The Savasana song is courtesy of their mellow compilation album, Late Night Tales. Enjoy these jazzy rhythms.

Bon Iver yoga

In honor of their new album…

Adele yoga

This week’s class theme: Speak your truth. (In honor of Adele’s grace in doing so.)

Wilco yoga

A tribute to my Chicago years:

The Police yoga

Close second to my LCD Soundsystem tribute for funnest class ever taught.

Two local files not available on Spotify:

Walking on the Moon (J-Art & Madan Remix)
Roxanne (Fernan Dust Deep Remix)

LCD Soundsystem yoga

This may have been the funnest class I’ve ever taught.

Beatles yoga

I polled my students who they’d like this week’s tribute artist to be. Beatles won by a landslide.

Massive Attack yoga

Another perfect pairing: yoga & Massive Attack.

(Expert tip: Time Teardrop with your Sun A.)

Moby yoga

I’ll never forget stumbling upon a Moby secret performance at the Manhattan Ace Hotel during CMJ 2010.

As you practice to this tribute playlist, remember to be inspired by life’s signs and serendipity when you encounter it.

Radiohead yoga

For the next several weeks, I’ll be teaching tribute classes in honor of my favorite recording artists. Class playlists will spotlight one artist each week and include their cover songs and remixes.

I’m kicking off the tribute classes with an artist who pairs best with yoga: Radiohead.

(Expert tip: Incorporate Thom Yorke’s dance moves into your yoga sequence where possible.)

On a molecular level

I’m rereading Yoga Anatomy and reminded how yoga philosophy can be observed on a molecular level. Yoga’s biological origins are my inspiration for this week’s class and playlist.

The Tame Impala + Black Keys representation is in honor of Outside Lands next weekend.

Namaste, my festival goers.

Yoga is time

Expand your moments.

Be good

Playlist title is inspired by this quote:

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” – John Steinbeck

Two songs I included are local files, not viewable here:

Sigur Ros – Sæglópur (ENiGMA Dubz Remix) –

Chet Faker – Bend –

Happy listening!

Surprise sax

This one goes out to my friend Jane who put “surprise sax” on my radar as one of the best sounds.

Fill up

Lusine and Recondite are my two new favorite bands for yoga music. As you listen, breathe deep, and enjoy some powerful Florence + The Machine vocals kicking in during flow.

Two ears, one mouth

After subbing my Saturday classes two weeks in a row, I could not be more excited to teach tomorrow. To this soundtrack.

Obedient Mind

If timed to my typical vinyasa classes, Columbus will kick in for your flow lending a great pace for controlled, smooth movements.

Enjoy your Savasana song by the talented Wah Devi, who led an unforgettable surprise Savasana performance in one of Rusty Wells’ classes at Urban Flow last year.

One million suns

This week’s playlist is inspired by the story of Garuda.

It includes two songs from my personal library, unavailable on Spotify (not visible here):

Sun A: “Got it Bad” – LEISURE

Core: “Vibe Walk” – Kendrick Lamar vs. Tycho; Break Science Remix

Close your eyes

In the spirit of yogic philosophies Brahmacharya (removal from the senses) and Svadhyaya (self study), I dare you to ignore whatever mirror you may be practicing in front of. Close your eyes and feel. Feel these rhythms. Feel your breath. Your body. Your practice.

New eyes

This week’s playlist features one of my favorite flow songs to date: Red Eyes by The War on Drugs. (My other favorites are Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven and the Police’s Message in a Bottle.)

Some old loves represented here, complementing my class theme this week… seeing the familiar anew.

I don’t know, but I love you

Integration track, courtesy of Julien Elizabeth. Standing series tracks, courtesy of Harrison Taylor.

Able bodies

I like to discover music on my own rather than repurposing too much from another teacher’s playlist. This week, I had no shame in that regard… About half of these songs I discovered through my first yoga teacher, Vytas Baskauskas. If you’re LA based, I’d highly recommend taking his class at Power Yoga East in Santa Monica.

Meditation in motion

In honor of Drake’s new album, there’s a strong Drake representation on this week’s playlist. It also features the moving devotion of Father John Misty, whose inspiring love was eloquently captured in these beautiful lyrics shared with me by another teacher:

First time, you let me stay the night despite your own rules
You took off early to go cheat your way through film school
You left a note in your perfect script: “Stay as long as you want”
I haven’t left your bed since

The third track makes me need to see Phostphorescent live.


Find space

In this playlist, you’ll hear sounds of nature and lyrics about spacious, natural settings and self empowerment, which complement my theme this week about finding and creating space.

Yoga is precision

Some edgy flow here with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club kicking in during Sun B.


I cannot wait to flow to this.

Yoga is for rainy days

This week’s playlist corresponds with my theme for class, exploring rain as a metaphor.

Sometimes, I add local files to my playlists that don’t appear on the site. This week, those additional tracks are:

Tear you Down feat. Alex Ebert – RAC (filous remix)

Strong – London Grammar (Loston Remix)