Meditation in motion

I’m currently on an airplane flying back to San Francisco from New York City. I have an airplane ritual where I flow through my Sun Salutation A – sometimes Sun B – in my head during takeoff and landing. Despite being confined by a seat belt in a tight space, I still rely on yoga as my mediation tactic. I find so much peace in yoga as a moving meditation that its movements are grounding, even if I’m simply imagining them versus experiencing them in my physical body. Flowing through the movements – even in my mind – liberates my thoughts of anxiety, boredom and other internal chatter.

The last time I taught at I AM Yoga in Half Moon Bay, I picked up a copy of “Truth Journal” which says, “that space or gap between the streams of thoughts that ordinarily flow is an opportunity to be free from dependence on them.”

This offers the promise of liberation through meditation. Particularly significant in this equation, is the liberation from toxic or self depreciating thought. As a wise man named Drake once said: “Being humble don’t work as well as being aware.”

(Special tributes to Drake’s new album on this week’s playlist.)

Yoga is a time to cultivate such an awareness by liberating yourself of thoughts you’re dependent on. Become an observer. Because through observation, we gain awareness. And through awareness, we regain an honest self perception, and ultimately, control over our own head.