Find space

I’ve been away from teaching for three weeks. Sick for one weekend, and traveling the rest of the time. Most of that travel was in Montana. In many ways it’s the polar opposite of San Francisco. Big cars instead of energy efficient hybrids. Seasons. And seemingly infinite, pristine, rejuvinating space.

Prior to this travel, I reintegrating into a 9-to-5 schedule, reacquainted with how much energy it demands. I’m reminded that this is the type of day most of my students are coming from when they come to my class. Stress as an epidemic is not news. The need for space from demands is dire.

This week, I’m thanking my students for their attendance, for creating 60 minutes of space for themselves. In that hour, we’ll explore dedicating the time to exactly what they need… An hour of internal focus, a safe haven, a place to escape from life’s other demands. Maybe just a damn workout. All motivations I’ve had in my own practice.

In your next yoga class – perhaps mine – take a moment to appreciate the space you created and the reason why. Then, revel in your reason for being there.

Listen to this week’s playlist, complementing this theme.