Emotional freedom

This weekend, I went rock climbing in Yosemite. There was a point in the climb for about 10 minutes where I couldn’t identify my next move. My breath became choppy. I became frantic, making emotional decisions rather than logical ones. I asked my climbing partner to lower me. I ran from my emotions, rather than feeling them and dealing with them to complete the climb.

The location and position of our body can inspire a range of emotions. In yoga, we put our body in situations and shapes we never would elsewhere, stimulating areas that would otherwise go untouched.

Dane Maxwell talks about how our emotions get stored in specific areas of our body, creating blocks and debilitating beliefs that compromise our freedom and success. Dane’s remedy for removing these blocks – often repressed for years or even decades – is simply to feel them. Identify where they are stored, revel in them for a few minutes rather than repressing them and walk away lighter.

In touching these dusty emotional attics – these untouched physical areas where emotions are stored – with yoga, we uncover and eventually remove emotional blocks.

This week, my classes will call attention to the emotional freedom yoga offers by including poses that help confront and liberate these emotions. Check out my weekly schedule for my upcoming classes in your area.