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Nochella Yoga

My first multi-artist playlist in a year! For those not going to the festival, njoy an ensemble of Coachella 2017 headliners, including Glass Animals, Bon Iver, Four Tet and Radiohead.

Miles Davis Yoga

Last week’s class was inspired by a Miles Davis quote: “Do not fear mistakes – there are none.”

Owned tracks (not available on Spotify) include:

Thinking Miles Ahead by Nacchi
Blue in Green (Sample Instru) by 2VBeats
Early Minor (Synthesthetics Remix)


Nicola Cruz Yoga

I premiered this playlist on a road trip around the Big Island of Hawaii. The favorable in-car feedback included, “Spicy!” In addition to this energic affirmation from my millennial friend, in the yoga studio, Nicola Cruz had high appeal among an older demographic – the 60-year-old+ folks – who made a point to let me know they loved my music after class. The Savasana song I used is “Sounds of Sonar” by Nicola Cruz, and not on Spotify.

The XX Yoga

My XX yoga playlist was created in honor of the new XX album, I See You, that dropped January 13. Despite the quick assembly time (I had just an hour to pull this together as it premiered in my 1/13 evening class), this was a huge hit in both my public classes and private yoga sessions. The playlist includes many classics from their xx self-titled album and a Four Tet remix of VCR not available on Spotify.

Bonobo yoga

This was an easy yoga playlist to pull together. Bonobo has tons of quality flow music to choose from! The Savasana song is courtesy of their mellow compilation album, Late Night Tales. Enjoy these jazzy rhythms.