Welcome to San Francisco Private Yoga, the Bay’s personalized private yoga service.

As a yoga instructor, there are three phrases I hear most:

1. “I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.”

It’s an all-too-common misconception that yoga requires flexibility. This default excuse among non-practitioners suggests a not entirely unwarranted apprehension toward yoga. Your first yoga class can be scary.  There are other people. Sometimes, mirrors. Parts of it are spoken in a different language. Private yoga can be a great way to confront your initial apprehensions, offering a safe, judgement-free space to acquaint yourself with yoga terminology, sequencing and benefits during 60 minute sessions, conveniently slotted into your schedule.

2. “I have lower back pain.”

Many doctors refer their patients with back pain to yoga. Some poses can agitate current back conditions more. Some poses are uncomfortable because it’s exactly what you need. In private yoga, these nuances can be discussed and explored at length, maximizing the healing benefits you can get from your practice.

3. “Can you send me your playlist?”

At least once a class, a student will ask me to send him my playlist. The music is all here for you to enjoy! Check out my MUSIC channel to enjoy my weekly playlists.

When might private yoga be right for you?

  • To tackle the fear of being a yoga newbie
  • If you’ve had a recent injury, ailment or surgery
  • For the convenience of a guided in-home practice
  • To refine your practice

To decide if private yoga might be right for you, submit an interest form and we will contact you shortly.